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November 24, 2012
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      "Alfred, what the hell are you doing?!"
"Well, stop. I'm trying to do my homework!"
"Nah, you like it~" America hops on his toes, swinging his arms like a cowboy swinging a lasso.
"No, I'm trying to focus. Why don't you go dance with Korea or something?" You hiss. Sadly, you take your anger out on your poor pencil, snapping it in half. Still, the American continues to hop on his toes and laughs obnoxiously.
"Dance with me, (Name)!"
"No. I'm working." You reach up to grab a pen from the cup on the top shelf. He dances around you.
"Please? C'mon, do it GANGNAM STYLE!"
Then he goes much more furiously, switching feet between hops, and stepping twice with the 3rd and 4th beat.
"What does that even mean!?"
"Pffft- I don't speak Korean. C'mon, it's not hard to do."
You put your hand on his face and push him out of the way.
"No. I need to finish my homework."
Alfred taunts, "Don't be a Brit!"

  Completely irritated, you pick up the abnormally large history book and swing it at him. With that laugh, he dances out of the way and swings his right arm again, still hopping.
"Get under my legs!"
"Who the hell are you talking to?!" You swing the textbook again, this time hitting him on his arse by accident.
"That's the spirit!"
"Get out of here!"
He stops and stands completely still, fists on hips rather boldly. You freeze in mid-swing.
Why'd he stop?
Why was he being so annoying today?
His deep blue eyes meet yours and the sides of his mouth curl.
  "Oppan Gangnam Style,"
Then he starts doing that ridiculous dance again.
"Gangnam Style! Op-op-op-op- Oppan Gangnam Style,"
You restrain yourself from whacking that dumb smile off of his face.
"That's nice, Alfred. I'm really glad you want me to fail my tests and never graduate."
"Heeeeeeeeey, sexay la-day!" America drags his left foot behind him as he slides to the right, dodging another one of your textbook attacks.

    Your eye twitches and you sit back down at the desk. You press the pen down on the paper, only to realize you've forgotten where you were working. The paper's cluttered with a bunch of illegible crap, and upon trying to read the words, you notice you can't even read what you wrote in the first place.  Still, Alfred dances. Now he's behind your chair, shaking and rubbing his arse against your back.
"C'mon, dance with me Gangnam Style."
"No," You rip out the papers and ball them up. Then your worst fear happens…
You feel the bass rush through your body and shake the house. You look back to find that America has vanished. With a loud groan, you stand up and run down the stairs to the living room.

    You cover your ears and glare at America, who's turned the stereo to the max, doing the dance in the middle of the room. But he isn't alone.  
In a yellow tuxedo, shades, yellow shoes and no socks is the one and only Im Yong Soo.
Together, they dance like the idiots they are. With ears still covered, you make your way over to the stereo to turn it off. As you reach for the button, you're pulled back. America mouths the words as the songs says "Oppan Gangnam Style". Korea does that thing with his legs and mouths "Hey, sexy lady"!
You push America away and quickly shut off the stereo. Korea continues to dance until a few seconds after.
"Hey, what was that for? We were dancing, da-ze!"
"The two of you need to go home." You say through gritted teeth.
"C'mon! You just gotta feel the groove!" insists America and he shakes your shoulders.
You push him away and point to the door. "I need to study."
"I can give you all of the answers...You're studying the Revolutionary War, aren't you?" he gives you the Suggestive Brows. You look back at Korea, who's sat on the couch looking unpleasant. Oddly enough, his curl seems to have an expression of its own…and it matches his.
"I don't want your help," though your voice isn't too convincing.
"I can help you. Or you can ask England, and I doubt you'll get the truth from him!" America's body spazzes out like it normally does when he's excited.

   You really want to study so you don't fail. But it would be nice if there was Alfred, who put the whole "America" in the "America-n Revolutionary War". But you wouldn't be caught dead doing that stupid dance…But you wouldn't be caught dead not graduating, either.
"Ugh," You facepalm. What choice do you have? The test is tomorrow and you haven't remembered anything but the name "John Hancock", and that was for reasons. Slowly, you decide that you're desperate enough.
"…Okay…I'll learn the stupid-"

    Your voice is drowned out by the music. America hops on his toes again and gestures for you to mimic him. Reluctantly, you follow as he does, keeping the beat with the music and Korea dances along like a pro. Even with your poor dancing, America seems thoroughly amused.
Both America and Korea freeze, so you follow along. Then the front door swings open.
Another surprise; it wasn't the cops.

 Poland, Italy, Spain, France, Prussia, Sealand, Hong-Kong, the Nordics (all but Sweden) and the Baltics come in, doing the dance. You look over at America, who's started dancing again. The song has restarted once more.
You watch as England, China, Japan, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Austria, Canada, Sweden, Romano and Belarus enter normally. The chorus rolls around again, and you're concerned about why the hell everyone is here.
Then, to your surprise, everyone starts doing the dance. Germany and Romano are the only two who look thoroughly embarrassed.  And maybe even Austria, but he always pretends not to like fun.
    America nudges you to dance. You try to forget about all the mud that's going to be tracked onto the floor and do the dance without much effort or care.
"'Heeyyyy, sexay la-day'"
France rubs against England purposely, thus resulting in them having a brawl in the middle of the dance. You don't care for once. The blood pumps through your veins, the music becomes your heart beat, and suddenly, you realize why America was addicted to the song. Korea turns the volume to the max and paint falls off of the ceiling.

And you don't care.

And you dance like you mean it.

   America notices the change in your attitude and lets out a laugh of triumph. Then he drops to the floor and rolls under your legs.
You just go with it and keep doing the dance. You know he doesn't mean anything dirty…or does he?
Looking around, you see that he isn't the only one who's dropped to the floor and rolled under someone. You wonder how much Alfred paid everyone, especially Prussia, who was under Austria. It wasn't a shock that Belarus was underneath Russia, who looked extremely uneasy.

 "Oppan Gangnam Style!" everyone shouts and strikes the finishing pose.
No one moves for maybe 10 seconds. China is the first to move and speak.
"Aiyaa, my back hurt, aru."  
"What does this song even mean?" England asks loudly, pushing France away. Korea snickers and turns off the stereo.
"Alright, (Name), I'll help you with your homework now." America scratches his head.
"So when am I being paid?" Sealand asks America.
"Later," he laughs nervously.
"Pay me now or I'll shove marmite down your throat, you bloody wanker!"
England quickly makes his way to Peter and gives him a good bitch slap, then drags him away.
"I don't care about the homework." You laugh and dance around America, not noticing what just happened.
"Wh-what?  (Name), you can't just-"
"OPPAN GANGNAM STYLE," You shout and continue to dance around him. Korea takes this as a request, and starts the song over.

Nope, you weren't going to study.

You were going to dance…

Oppan Gangnam Style.
Seriously, I don't even know how I got from writing some freaky paranormal fanfic to this...
But since it's here, enjoy! :iconamericapartyhardplz:
Oppa Gangnam Style Video: [link]
The picture belongs to :iconhajime-hakumai:
Hetalia (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:
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marylovesgermany Mar 31, 2014  New member Hobbyist General Artist
TheRollingScones Apr 3, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you! :iconprussiawinplz:
marylovesgermany Apr 8, 2014  New member Hobbyist General Artist
Ha yea you win XD
E-Sane Feb 14, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I really wonder how much he promised them.
TheRollingScones Feb 15, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
The world may never know...! :iconus-xdplz:
Thanks for reading! :heart:
E-Sane Feb 15, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
The world DOES know.
TheRollingScones Feb 16, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Does it? Does the world really know?
E-Sane Feb 16, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
He promised the money to the countries of the world, so the world knows.
TheRollingScones Feb 16, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Ahhhh, you got me!!! :iconfreeinternetplz:
E-Sane Feb 16, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
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