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      "How do I look, [Name]?" asks Francis as he struts around in a dashing suit and tie.

"You look like a fool," You lie, eyes falling upon Antonio as he emerges from a dressing room.

"I look pretty cool, no?" Antonio asks now, adjusting the ridiculous sombrero. You nod approvingly to him, and that makes him smile widely.


"Well I think you look like a fool," Francis pouts and crosses his arms, then struts off to his dressing room after winking at a shopper, nearly making her swoon.

        You sit on one of many black stools as the two come and go in various outfits, France swearing that he looks dead sexy in all of them. And, although he doesn't look too bad in any of them, you enjoy seeing his look of disappointment as he trudges back off to change again upon your harsh disapproval.
After a moment, Antonio comes back out, wearing his normal clothes. "I don't think this place is good for party clothes," he says with a sigh and sits next to you.
You frown a little. "But the party is in a couple of hours…Do you want to hit another store?"

"Nah, I think I have something at home…maybe…"

"He's lying!" Francis swings open the door, revealing himself in nothing more than his boxers that are the color of the flag of France.
"There is nothing at his home that is fabulous enough to wear for the event! We must find yet another store!"

You avert your eyes away from the French man, not wanting to take in the view. Somewhere far off in the store, a woman squeals, followed by the sound of clothes racks crashing down.

"Do you have to make such a big scene?" You ask impatiently. Francis ignores you and keeps on talking.

"We must go to another fashion department; this place has nothing for my dear friend!"

Now he walks out and throws an arm around Antonio, who looks a little red in the face.

"Where do you think we should go, mon ami?"

"I think YOU should go put your clothes back on, no?"

"Please do, Francis. People are staring." You say between gritted teeth.

Francis looks around quickly and spots a woman staring. Then he lets go of Antonio and poses for the lady, successfully making her faint.

"Francis!" You shout, heat rising to your face.

"I have no regrets, and neither will she~!" he skips back into the dressing room and closes the door.

You watch as the woman is aided by two of the store workers, before looking over to Antonio.

"Any word from Gilbert?"

He looks down at his phone and reads off the text message, "'West needs the Awesome Prussia's help, so I will meet you not-as-awesome-guys at the mall when I finish. It shouldn't take too long, because the Awesome Prussia's got this all under control. Und make sure that Francis doesn't get those stupid red plat formers that he's been talking about.' So…yeah…"

"Did he capitalize every time he said 'awesome'?"

"Not the whole word, just the A."

"Surprising…normally, he capitalizes the whole word, as if I'll miss it or something."


"Yeah," You stand and shrug. "Guess we should find another store, then."

Antonio nods and stands as well. At this time, Francis emerges, fully clothed, and says excitedly,

"Alright, let's find another department store. One with prettier women and a better taste in fashion!"


           "Kesesese, you guys are having trouble finding something to wear?"

"Just those two," You gesture to Francis and Antonio, having already picked out something for the occasion.

"I forgot the party was today," Antonio scratches his head with a sheepish smile. Francis shrugs.

"I have plenty to wear.  I just want to wear something new."

Gilbert nods in understanding. "I see…Well, the Awesome Me already has Awesome clothing."

"Not as awesome as mine," You tease him. Gilbert's ruby eyes sharply shoot over to your person.

"Nein! There is no way possible that you could have something more awesome than mine."

"Actually, Gilbert—"

"What do you guys think about this?" Antonio holds up a black button up shirt and a black and yellow stripped tie.
You and Gilbert look over at him slowly, forgetting about your conversation almost instantly.

"Nice shirt…but the tie is not cool," Gilbert shakes his head. Francis quickly snatches the tie away and holds out a plain white one.

"That's better," Gilbert nods.

Francis smiles and hands the tie to Antonio, "Sometimes the simplest are better than the most complex, no?"
Antonio nods quickly, pairing the tie and the shirt.
You look down at your watch. "The party starts in 4 hours, maybe we should go—"

"TO THE FOOD COURT!" Gilbert commands over your voice.


        You facepalm upon watching Gilbert and Antonio have a chugging contest. You don't understand how someone can chug down soft drinks without it burning your throat and bubbling up into your nose.
Francis idly stirs his bowl of ice cream, apparently not amused by their behavior no more than you are.
Gilbert tips his cup back a little bit further, getting to the end. However, Antonio slams his Styrofoam cup down onto the table, rattling the ice.

"I win!" He smirks. Gilbert pulls his cup away quickly and frowns.

"You cheated! The Awesome Prussia never—"

"Well you did today! I'm the boss, I'm the boss! Who's the boss? I'M THE BOSS!"

Gilbert grumbles under his breath and you clear your throat to get their attention.

"What is it?"

"Well, seeing as how it's Alfred's birthday, don't you think you all should get him gifts?" You ask logically.

"I already got him one," says Antonio proudly. Gilbert jumps up quickly, slamming his hands onto the table and rattling Francis' bowl and Antonio's ice.

"Mein gott! I forgot it was his birthday!"

"But it's his party we're going to!" You cry in disbelief.

"I remembered that it was a party, not that it was his birthday! Shit!...Why didn't you guys remind me?!"

"Because we assumed you already knew, seeing as how excited you were to go." Francis says calmly.

"Well then stop assuming!" Gilbert shouts and pulls himself together. "What kind of things does Alfred like? Action figures? Comic books?"

"He isn't a geek, you know." Francis inputs, making you laugh a little and Antonio smile.

"Will you just answer my question?" asks Gilbert in a dangerously calm voice.

"Well, since I bought him the thing he'll like the most, you should get him cologne."

Antonio stands to throw away his trash, taking everyone else's with him politely.

"Thanks," you say. He nods.

"I know the best kind," Gilbert continues, clearly gloating. "But wait…!"
He turns to you quickly.
"What did you get the American?"

Heat rises to your face and you look at the table bashfully. "I knitted him socks."

Gilbert looks at you for a moment and you expect him to break out into a laugh. After a few seconds pass of him staring at you, he slowly pulls away, saying nothing. You look back at him to find that he's turned away.
  "Okay, so we'll go to—"Francis stops his sentence and you stare in shock: a solo slice of pizza goes soaring from somewhere across the court and hurdles towards an un-expecting Gilbert. You stand quickly, beginning to warn him, but it is too late. Gilbert turns quickly and it hits him square in the face. You quickly look to see who might've thrown it; a familiar woman stands there, wearing a smile of satisfaction.

"E—Elizabeth?!" Francis gasps, his pretty blue eyes opening wide. Elizabeth casually walks over to the table as Antonio returns.
Gilbert pulls the pizza off of his face, as it seems to have stuck, revealing his face that is as red as his eye color.

"What was that for?!" he roars, however, Elizabeth doesn't seem to be fazed.

"THAT was because of what you did to Roderich. You thought I wouldn't find out, didn't you!?"

"What'd he do?" asks Antonio, beating you to it.

"He was SUPPOSED to be helping Ludwig bring in a shipment for Roderich. But instead, he was too busy pouring flour and pepper into his tea!" Elizabeth crosses her arms. "And to top it off, he forgot about whose birthday it was, but he still planned to attend the party!"

"Yikes," You scratch your head.

Gilbert wipes his face off with a napkin. "He's just angry because he wasn't directly invited like I was."
You bite your lip, wishing he hadn't called Elizabeth 'he'. She was even wearing a cute skirt today for the occasion.

"You missed a spot, Gilbert," she says quietly.


"Right HERE!" She slaps him across the face with a frying pan that came out of nowhere. Antonio winces and Francis sighs.

"Be careful, you'll give him brain damage or something!" You say worriedly.

Elizabeth smiles, "He's been through much worse."

You look down at Gilbert who's sprawled out on the cold, tile floor.


You look back to see a small, pudgy man with a mustache running at your group.


    "Time to go," Francis stands quickly, "EVERY MAN FOR THEMSELVES! I'LL SEE YOU GUYS LATER!"
Then he bolts off at the speed of light. Elizabeth stares at him for a moment, before turning back to you three.
"Yeah, I'll see you guys there!" she does the same as Francis, going in the opposite direction.


Antonio grabs up his bag and the three of you take off in the same direction as Francis; across the food court and to the exit. But as you guys nearly make it, Gilbert gasps.

"We can't worry about that now!" Antonio pants desperately. The pudgy man is closing in on you three.

Gilbert veers off to the left, heading for the escalators.
You pursue Antonio, darting around innocent people. "Do we go with him?"

"No way! He's on his own! We'll see him later!" He grabs onto your wrist and pulls you along faster, not letting you follow the crazy Prussian.


You two are approaching the doors at a crazy speed now, so fast that the automatic doors might take too long to open before Antonio runs into them head-on.

"I wonder if…Francis is…waiting for us?" asks Antonio absently between puffs.

"No way, he said 'every man for themselves'!" You remind him hurriedly. Antonio pushes on the door before it has time to open, making it swing back and slam into another, scaring a five year old.

To your surprise, Francis is pulled up close to the doors, waiting in his flashy red sports car.
"Oi! Hurry up!" he calls.

Antonio lets go of your wrist and quickly hops into the back seat while you take the passenger's seat. Francis pulls out quickly, making the tires screech against the tarmac before going full-speed down the street. You look back to see the short man, shouting words you will never hear.

Receiver: Gilbert B. <+_______>

Sent: Did you make it out ok? [9:13pm]
Return from Gilbert: Ja! Im the AWESOME Prussia! Did u expect for me to be caught!? [9:14pm]
Sent: No, no, of course not. So I'm guessing you're still coming to the party, right?[9:15pm]
Return from Gilbert: Dont ask silly questions! Yes Im going![9:15pm]
Sent: Well, the party started about 15 minutes ago. [9:15pm]
Return from Gilbert: I got held up. Ill be there when I get there because you cant tame AWESOME. [9:16pm]
Sent: Yeah, sure. Well hurry up, or you'll miss cake and the drinks. [9:16pm]
Return from Gilbert: U cant tell AWESOME to hurry! [9:16pm]
Sent: Sure, whatever. I'm eating your piece then. [9:17pm]
Return from Gilbert: NEIN! > : ( YOU BETTER LEAVE IT ALONE! [9:17pm]
Sent: I will make no promises ; ) [9:17pm]
Return from Gilbert: DONT MAKE ME HURT YOU![9:18pm]
Thread terminated.


    "Knitted socks!? Dude, these are so awesome! LOOK! They've even got stars on them!" Alfred seems thoroughly excited about your gift to him.

"I'm glad you like them!" You smile merrily, chewing on a piece of cake.

"Seriously, dude." Alfred pulls off his shoes and begins to remove his plain white socks. "Middle of summer or not, these things are badass!"

"Get a hold on yourself!" scolds England, who seems to be in a particularly foul mood on this fine evening.

"Who are you? My mom?" asks Alfred happily, beginning to walk around in the socks.

"I certainly am not your mummy, but I raised—"

"Let him enjoy his birthday, Arthur. Just because you're in a pissy mood because of this anniversary doesn't mean that you have to ruin the entire mood for the party." Francis intervenes.

Arthur blushes vividly and crosses his arms, face in a firm frown as he glares at Alfred shuffling along the carpet around you. He doesn't say a word for the remainder of the party.

You begin to eat Gilbert's slice of cake, eyeing the remaining, seeing that there isn't much left in the whole. Antonio quickly walks over to you.

"Didn't you already have a piece?" he corners you, clearly envious.

"This is Gilbert's piece." You say casually. At this time, Francis makes his way over to you two, walking around Ivan and Alfred's staring contest.

"Another piece?" is all he says.

"It's Gil's." says Antonio. Francis smiles widely, bringing his fork near the cake.

"Share it, mon ami?"

"Dig in, you two!" You laugh. Antonio quickly cuts off a large piece with his fork and Francis does the same.  Then the door swings open, Gilbert walks in like a cool guy until he spots the three of you huddled next to the table around a piece of cake. His eyes quickly dart to the table and he sees that Roderich has just walked away with the last piece, wearing a triumphant grin.

          Gilbert doesn't even close the door behind him or say hi to the birthday boy. Instead, he storms over to you three guilty piggies, looking infuriated.


"I told you I'd eat it~" You wink at him and the other two laugh.

A grin breaks across his face. "I am too Awesome for you three,"

"Whatchu mean by that?" Antonio asks while munching on the cake.

"I'm a step ahead of you!" Gilbert laughs. You frown a little and your chewing slows.

"How so?"

At that second, Ludwig appears, holding a slice of fresh, untouched cake. Gilbert continues to laugh as he takes the plate from his little brother. You look over at Ludwig, who rolls his eyes and walks away silently. Gilbert shoves the whole piece of cake into his mouth and continues to laugh mockingly, spraying cake in various directions.

Francis smiles warmly. "The food is done."

"There was something else being cooked? After the cake?" You turn to him.

"Yes, we're serving chicken."

Gilbert chokes unexpectedly, showering more cake. Antonio grins devilishly.

"Fried or baked?" You ask innocently.

"The chick was too small to be baked, so I fried it, as Alfred requested, since it was always bothering him."

Gilbert gags now, dropping the plate. Antonio and Francis laugh and you laugh a little, hoping in the back of your mind that he didn't really fry Gilbird as he was making it seem.

Gift for :iconsigursaeglopur: that I'm just now getting to.

Someone slap my wrist, I've been such a procrastinator.


I don't own the picture, I found it here: [link]
It belongs to its respective owner.

Okay, why are people still reading this? xD
I didn't expect for anyone to be interested in this story, and it's still getting love.
I really appreciate it, you guys. Thank you all! :iconprussiaplz:
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