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October 17, 2012
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You sit idly on the cliff's edge, watching the ocean rolling along in the distance. Your long dark hair blows steadily in the wind, and no other time of day can make you feel happier than when the sun breaks through the night sky and shines down on your beloved land. You click your skin boots together with the song the water makes with its roars. You've begun to really appreciate the quiet time…until you hear a voice calling, "Hey! Youuuuuu!" You look back to see the little boy running with all of his might to you. His eyes are on par with the color of the ocean and his hair is the color of the sun when it sets.

"Oh, hello." You stand and greet him, putting your back to the ocean. His name was Alfred. He had no exact home and often wandered from tribe to tribe in the area. Everyone cared for him when he came around, and he always made sure to earn his keep. He hardly got in trouble unless it was for mischief, then he would have to hold weights the entire day (which he didn't seem to mind).

"Looooook! I found this! It's really cool!" He comes to a screeching halt before you and reveals a flower in the palm of his hands that you've never seen before.

"Wow…That is very pretty!" You smile.
He nods merrily and says, "I found it going South! Remember when I said I was going to go South? Well, I'm back! And I found so many other things, too!"


"Yes, really," Alfred pulls out an odd stone, the color of the night sky…it even sparkles like it too. "Some old man gave it to me because he knew I was looking for things to make better tools out of!" Alfred places it in your hands. The rock is cold and very sturdy.
"Wow…Well, I found something, too!" You hand him the rock and dig into your bag that was slung around your shoulder.

"Is it pretty?" Alfred asks, jumping in excitement.

You nod and agree, "It's really pretty- oh! Here it is!"

Alfred watches in amazement as you reveal a nugget sized rock the color of the sun. "What is that…?"

"I am not sure..." You allow him to hold it. "I've never seen any before…But since it's new, I wanted to call it something pretty…like 'gold'!"

"Oh…well, listen [Name], there's something I've wanted to talk about," he says with a sigh and sits on the edge. You sit beside him and take back the "gold".

"Yeah? Is something wrong?"

"No…I don't think so…but…" he ponders for a moment, "Well, I've been seeing these weird men come up…around the coast…They have these really big…things…that sorta…swim on the water…like fish…" he was having difficulty explaining.

You gasp "They ride giant fish? Like the ones we eat?!"

"No…They look like…like the same color as…that tree! And they have cloths in different colors that flow in the wind…like your hair!" he giggles.

You nudge him, curious about these new people. "Do you think they're from another world?" You ask quietly.

"Nah, I doubt that. They look like us." He sighs again. "So anyway, I was wondering what they were trying to do. They were talking to the people in the South.  I think they want to become friends with us…they didn't seem mean…But I couldn't understand a word they spoke, and neither could the people of the South. But they scared me a little…They were so…different. I guess what I'm trying to say is…I want for us to stay together."

You look over at him and frown. "But we're always together…"
"No, we have to stay THISclose." He motions to the small distance between you two at the moment.

"Alfred, that's impossible," You groan and roll your eyes. He edges a little closer to you.



"I just don't want anything to happen to you, [Name]. I want to be able to protect you…You aren't a very good fighter…What will happen if they turn out to be mean? What if they take you away from me?" His eyes look deeply troubled. You take his hand.

"I understand, Alfred. Thank you, for wanting to keep me safe. I'll keep you safe, too…as best as I can."

Alfred's eyes light up and he snickers. "But you're a girrrrrrl!"
You elbow him. "I-I can fight too!"
He laughs loudly and you join in, holding his hand tighter. After a moment, he stops suddenly.

"Oh, and [Name]?"

"Yes, Big and Strong Eagle Warrior?" You giggle.

"Promise me you'll keep your promise to stay by my side?"

"Of course, silly goose!" Your face becomes unnecessarily stern. "I will never ever, ever leave your side, so long as the spirits shine in the sky!"

Alfred smiles again. "Thank you, [Name]. I'll always protect you…no matter who I have to fight!"

"I believe in you, Alfred."

Alfred smiles and he pecks your cheek. "So now you're my  bestest best friend! See! Because I did that thing that grown-ups do!"

You laugh lightly and kiss his cheek, too. "And you're MY bestest best friend!"

"Yaaaaaaaay! We should tell everyone that we're the bestest best friends in the…IN THE ENTIRE LAND!"

"Yeah! Good idea! Come on slow poke!" You jump to your feet and begin to run down the slope, away from the cliff's edge, Alfred close behind.
He eventually catches up and tackles you, shouting, "You broke your promise! I said THISclose!"

"I told you I was running! You need to run faster!" You punch him in the arm. He freezes for a moment.

You think you've broken him. "A-Alfred…?"
"You hit like a girl!" He busts out into laughter. "That's why we have to stay THISclose!" He stands and dusts himself off, then offers you a hand. You take it and he pulls you up.
"You should ride on my back. You wander off easily!"

"Okay!" You hop up on his back. He laughs.

"I'm a bird! SQWACK!" Then he braces you and jets off, running faster than any land or air creature known to the gods.
This came to mind as I was falling asleep last night. I thought the idea was too adorable, but as I was thinking about how I'd plan it out...I fell asleep. So I woke up this morning and as I was about to fix myself some tea, I remembered it. So I typed this up (this is the quickest I have ever typed anything because it is so much shorter than what I normally do). And then I started looking at pictures of Chibi America on Google and died. This is the first reader insert where I actually described the color of anything (hair color etc) of the Reader. But since you're Native American [this story], I'm sure most of them had dark brown hair.

I don't own the picture, found it here:
AIN'T IT JUST TOO CUTE?!:iconwhaledudeplz:
America (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:
You (c) :icontherollingscones:

EDIT: OH MY FREAKING GOSH YOU GUYS. :iconcryforeverplz:
Thank you so much for all of the favorites and comments.
*just noticing because I'm slow*
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