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January 5, 2013
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Love. Love is a state of mind shared by living beings universally.
Like there are people, there are different forms of love.
Without these various forms of love, living beings would cease to exist.
For the same reasons all living beings need air, love is just as vital.
And sometimes, it truly takes enough pain to open the love in your heart: for
all people take different forms, just as there are different forms of love.

     "I can't do this," You lower the rapier. "I don't want to fight."

"Good, you'll make this quick and easy." Lucid agrees pleasantly.

Romania stops before you, within arm's length, his face still abnormally blank. You sheathe your blade and wait patiently for the end to come.

"Interesting…" Father Lucid wrings his hands. "You aren't going to fight the one who killed your parents?"

"No," You say quietly. Romania slowly lifts the scythe, making the blade curve around you so that with the simplest pull forward could result in damage.

Once a living being witnesses the accounts of love and the everlasting effects of such, it is often hard to let go of.
As many say "Love will make you do crazy things", that statement is just as true as Newton's Laws.

     You step forward and latch onto Romania, burying your face into his shoulder.

You wait for something to happen, but instead you feel Romania's muscles relax from their tense state. And after a moment, his free arm wraps around you. Yet he still says nothing, and you don't want him to.
Because you understand now, that you love him, regardless of what happened in the past, or what decision he decides to make.

"Wh-what?! Romania, dispose or her immediately!"

Despite Father Lucid's commands, Romania doesn't move.

"Do as I say, you vile creature!"

Romania lets go of the scythe, letting it fall to the ground. As if a switch was flipped, he seems to be himself again.
And so soft, is his voice, "I'm so sorry…"

"It's ok, Romania."

"I don't know what came over me…"

"It's ok, Romania."

"I would never hurt you," his embrace tightens around you now that both of his arms are free.

"I see," Lucid laughs demonically.  "I suppose mind control only works on those with a mind. Alas, that is alright, because the both of you can simply perish."

Romania pulls away and looks into your eyes.

"I'll make everything right. I promise." His ruby portals to the soul that he shouldn't have are clear and bright as they always are. You begin to protest, but he stops you.
"I owe you this."

Then he turns to face Lucid head on, scythe returning to his hands. Father Lucid laughs even more.

"So you think you can defeat me? Then you are quite mindless."

"Let's just get this over with."

       You back out of the way, eyeing Lucid and Romania, wondering who will strike first.
It is Romania who deals the first move: throwing his scythe with such force that it spins through the air right for the Father. Lucid doesn't seem too concerned; for all he does is raise a hand to stop it from coming within inches of him. And with that Romania vanishes, only to reappear behind Lucid, prepared to deal a vicious attack.

But Lucid was prepared for such, and simply steps out of the way. With a grin, he raises a finger and targets Romania for the same strike he used on poor Marina.
It misses, for Romania vanished once again.  All the while, you wonder if you should intervene.

   You find that the crossbow is too close to the battle to be safe, and the handgun is the same distance away. The rapier hangs on your hip, but it would be too risky to try and make a sneak attack, wouldn't it? The Father seems to be far too strong for you to simply try and kill him as you wish.
And the same feeling of hopelessness as when the Church finally captured you returns, until Marina's voice rings in your head.

"'You aren't normal either, [Name]. You just need to open your eyes.'" It says.

   You look down at your hands, wondering what you could possibly do. Marina seemed to know more about yourself than you did, so maybe she could've told the abilities you have…if you have any. But Marina was burnt to nothing…you grimace at the thought.
And for some reason the collar that both you and Romania had been bound by (but not anymore) flashed in your mind.
You wish it was here with you. If it actually worked, then by snapping it around Lucid's neck would leave him immobile.

Then there's a loud clank to your right, like a rock falling onto tile. You jump and look over.
The collar is there, and you can't believe your eyes. You reach for it, sure that you're hallucinating.

    Your fingers don't run through it; they touch the solid metal.
And it is at this stunning revelation that you realize her words were true. And you don't feel the need to sulk about the fact that you aren't human, instead, you want to get into action.

"Tired already, Lucid?" Romania questions the Father with a devilish grin.

"Silence, spawn of hell," Lucid breathes heavily, clearly not able to keep up with Romania's agility for so long.
His back is to you, so you decide that it's now or never.

"I thought that you would actually pose a fight…But I guess that's why you have Hunters to do the dirty work, right? For a demon, you're pretty lowly."

"I'll make you eat those words,"

"And how might you do that?"

      You hope that Lucid is too focused on his opponent to realize that you're coming at full steam from behind.

Love, it will make you do crazy things.

      You snap the collar shut around the demon's neck leaving him no time to react. And you yank back on the thick links of the chain, pulling the Father back.

Love can provide the strength and bravery that may be needed to accomplish something that you might not have been capable to do before.

      "Wh-what is the meaning of this?!"

"It means 'you lose', Lucid." You tell him, still holding tight to the chain. Romania applauds slowly, walking over to you.

"Very nice," he compliments your work. However, you are in no mood for games.

"I can tell you what happened to your parents!" Lucid cries. "It was Romania! He killed them!"

You look up at Romania, an annoyed expression on your face. "Kill him, please."

Romania raises his eyebrows. "What about—"

"Please just do it."

Romania nods, tightening his grip around the scythe.

"You're really going to kill me?! You don't even know what happened to your parents!"

       You back away from Lucid to avoid any blood that may splatter. Lucid's pleas for mercy are distant like the wind. You pay him no attention and turn away.
Lucid's cries become louder as Romania raises his scythe. And after a change of the wind, Lucid speaks no more.

     You turn around to only find Romania and the collar; no blood or even a trace of the demon that purged your life.
But now Romania looks incredibly grim as he looks at you. "I'll tell you now…I won't hide it from you anymore."

"Alright," You let go of the chain, allowing it to snake onto the floor.

Romania takes a deep breath. "To start, your mother was a witch that could materialize her thoughts into actual creations and your father was a vampire. Around the time that you were born, vampire uprisings began. The vampires would attack humans without any sort of thought, like it was a sport.

The Church in the country that your mother and father lived in sent out Hunters to control the vampires. Of course, things got ugly. Your father's parents were caught; though they were innocent…I don't know what happened to them.

But your father burned down that church and fled with your mother and you to this country.
The head priest at the other church was Lucid's brother…he died in the fire. When Lucid heard about it, he sent out the Hunters to go into the vampire community to find who did it. That's when he found your family.

I was hired to seek his revenge. I killed your parents, but I couldn't kill you. And after that, I quit my job working with the Church because of the guilt. I've kept an eye on you since then…"

       You wipe away the few tears that snuck out and rolled down your face.

"Is there anything else that I should know?" You ask.

Romania shakes his head. "That's all of it."
Then he puts his scythe in your hands.

"I'm sorry, but no amount of apologizing can fix what I've done. So with that," he gestures to the weapon, "you can avenge your parents."

You watch as he kneels down before you.

Love. It is an amazing thing.

"I'm not going to kill you," You say quietly. He looks up at you, confused.

"Why not...? I..."

"There's no need for me too…Enough people have died already, don't you think?" You kneel down as well. "We all make mistakes."

A smile comes across his face. "You're too kind."

"Save the flattery, Romania." You smile back at him. "What do we do now?"

"Actually, I didn't plan this far ahead, [Name]."

You laugh a little and he joins you.
And you know everything will be alright from now on.

Love, it is a powerful force.
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Hetalia (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:
I don't own the picture, I found it here: [link]
The picture belongs to its respective owner.
Now don't any of you dare call Romania an "arse" again!
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